BioPUNKS (Prototyping Ur New Knowledge of Sensors) is a research group at the University of Maine within the department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

Based on core values of Sharing, Learning, and Curiosity, our goals are to:

  1. Learn from each other
  2. Develop unique student-led projects at the frontier of bioengineering and electronics
  3. Develop open-source tools for the larger DIY community.


BioPUNKS meets weekly on Tuesday evenings from 6-8 PM

Rm 230, Jenness Hall, University of Maine


Capstone students may meet Erin in Rm 230 on Mondays and Wednesdays 2-5 PM. All BioPUNKS can drop in during these hours to access biosensors and microcontrollers in order to work independently.